Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

If you have blocked drains, give Azpire Plumbing a call as we are the experts in removing blockages – as well as giving advice so that it won’t block up again!

Azpire Plumbing is always available day or night, offering drain cleaning on the Mornington Peninsula and throughout Melbourne’s south east metropolitan area. We are available to clear blocked drains 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you won’t be waiting long before your drains are working again!

Although our services are available 24/7, we can also give you temporary solutions over the phone if you would prefer us to come the following morning if that best suits you. Regardless of the blockage, we will have an effective and affordable solution for you.

If you are tired of being let down by unreliable plumbers in the past – either not calling you, following up with a job or delivering unsatisfactory results – give Azpire Plumbing a call as we will change your mind and show you what it’s like to deal with a reliable and friendly plumber.

We pride ourselves on your satisfaction; that is a guarantee.

From Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula, blocked drains are a thing of the past!

At Aspire Plumbing, we’re backed by more than extensive experience – we’re armed with state of the art equipment as well!

Electric drain clearing machines

Electric drain machines or electric eels are on our vehicles all the time. These are the more commonly used machine for clearing the majority of house hold blockages. A steel flexible rod with a cutter on the end is driven by an electric motor that cuts and removes tree roots and any other obstacles in the drain. Electric eels are great for cutting out larger tree roots as they have the strength of a motor pushing a cable with a sharp cutter on it, which often easily cuts and removes large roots.

Water jetters

Depending on the blockage, our water jetter will more than likely be the right choice!

The advantage of the hydro-jet is it can reach blockages that are further than what a conventional electric drain machine can reach. Azpire Plumbing commonly uses these on kitchen sinks, commercial situations and especially when the pipes are full of grease or other things like dirt and mud, as the hydro-jet easily cuts through the grease and fats to allow the pipe to flow freely again. Commonly, the jetter cleans drains far better than electric drain machines and is often used for more serious blockages

Clean, clear drains are only a phone call away!

When it comes to blocked drains on the Mornington Peninsula and across Melbourne, we are your plumber of choice to resolve the issue. Fully licensed and insured, we offer a prompt and affordable service – and we never cut corners in terms of doing the job properly!

For more information regarding our drain cleaning service, call us directly today on (03) 8510 7097 or 0413 947 906.